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    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "[Tool] UEFI Download Tool v1.85.1" 09.15.2016

      I want to thank every single one of you for using my program! It is been released for a long time now and i have got so much good feedback from it, i'm always notified by you guys if any errors occurs inside the built in error reporter.
      I had high hopes for this program when i was developing it, i want to thank you guys for believing in me continuing to use my UEFI Download Tool, i hope it has helped your pc experience as much as it did mine.
      We're always on the latest BIOS, and its awesome cause every little fix that is released we will know from day 1 maybe even the first 30 minutes of release if your checker is on 30 minutes.

      Stay tuned for future projects i may be working on or future updates to current programs i have released, the journey is always fun and interesting. All new programs i make will always be published on my website under downloads. Some of you already know this and have tried out some new stuff i recently published, Awesome!

      Have a nice day everyone, wouldn't be this far without you.

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "[Guide] How to Flash a Modded BIOS on a ASUS Z97 Motherboard" 03.12.2016

      Zitat von LocutusEstBorg im Beitrag #4
      Doesn't work on my Rampage IV Formula BIOS 5001. Even after flashing with /GAN, the firmware is unchanged. Checking the firmware still has the original modules. I need to try USB Flashback with a new flash drive (my current one does't doesn't seem to work for USB Flashback).

      Not sure i just know it worked for me.

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "[Tool] UEFI Download Tool v1.85.1" 02.29.2016

      If anyone wants to know what my most recent project i am working on is, its my game called Escape, i started this development while ago and it's my next big thing i am doing, it's a virtual world game. If any of you would like to try it out provide feedback or have any ideas for new things to add to it here is the link to get it for Windows http://www.glitchyhack.com/index.php?/files/file/7-escape/

      This is what i'll be doing for a while, updated old programs will come after this game is done, however if UEFI Download Tool needs anything fixed i will work on that and get it fixed as soon as possible, but other programs will have to wait until this game is complete.

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "[Guide] How to Flash a Modded BIOS on a ASUS Z97 Motherboard" 10.26.2015

      Zitat von skis4hire im Beitrag #2

      Thanks to this post I used AFUDOS and the flash accepted!!
      Office 2016 runs with no problem now :)

      We'll see if/when ASUS decides to get their BIOS up to date.

      Awesome you got your stuff working correctly now, and it is not very likely that ASUS will update any of the modules, so that sucks.
      Took me forever to figure out how to flash my board so that's why i wrote this tutorial so no one else will need to wonder how.

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "[Tool] UEFI Download Tool v1.85.1" 10.12.2015

      Zitat von Pendaws im Beitrag #209
      Thanks for making this available. :)

      I used the programme but it said there were no matches for my motherboard.
      Is that because mine is up to date or?

      Np xD
      And try to turn off Motherboard Secure Check Auto Retry, and check server again then manually setup your board, it's likely that on the server there is a space between Z97X and Gaming so yours has a dash in it so it wasn't found.
      Motherboard secure check will try to find the board that is yours based on the motherboard model string.

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "What Programs Do You Want To See Me Develop Next?" 09.15.2015

      Zitat von cornemuse im Beitrag #5
      The hdd shuts down/stops spinning after 7 (or so) seconds of inactivity.


      I can just make a program that keeps the HDD working on minute tasks that keeps it still going never going into inactive mode.

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "What Programs Do You Want To See Me Develop Next?" 09.09.2015

      Zitat von cornemuse im Beitrag #3
      WD usb hdd's have a tweak to keep them from spinning down. Their 'blue' 2.5" (laptop) drives dont. Western Digital cant, or more likely wont offer this function. On quite a few other forums, this is a common gripe.

      Come up with something to 'fix' this issue.

      I have a 'Dune 303D' media player, & after pausing/stopping for more than 5-7 seconds, the drive spins down, giving an annoying lag in playback upon re-starting.


      Might be able to help with that, if i can find the exact reason why it spins down, it is just lack of drive activity?

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "[Tool] UEFI Download Tool v1.85.1" 07.25.2015

      Zitat von zt3 im Beitrag #206
      I get this error when i try to check server:

      This board seems to work for me as i just tested.
      You should always send that error report because it shows me hardware info so i can fix the issue, so send it with the send button.

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "[Tool] UEFI Download Tool v1.85.1" 07.18.2015

      Hello to all my users and supporters of my programs, i am trying to grow my site and program company, and i need your help, eventually i will set up a donate button so users can donate for a good cause in the program development.
      There is a few new projects that will be coming to the table after they are completely polished up, remakes of old programs to further enhance the user experience, but of course we need some sort of funding so some of our apps will be paid, but not very much money.

      Further announcements after this one will be presented on my website instead so check my site for updated information on new projects or new features that may come to the table in certain program.
      Here is an opening to some new renovations we are doing. http://www.glitchyhack.com/index.php?/to...in-develepment/

      And as always your feedback is important, so tell us what you want to see come to life a program idea, or what features you would like to see in a upcoming version of one of my programs.
      Some stuff may not be able to happen sort of like add new support for UEFI Download Tool because not all websites show the information i need in order to fully support them.

      And if you could, spread the word of our current programs, and look forward to new projects that will come, all programs that we release will usually make some part of your life easier, or just fun to use as in a prank app.

      Stay updated and thank you.

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "[Tool] UEFI Download Tool v1.85.1" 07.12.2015

      A build update has been pushed out for Version 1.82 that fixes the asus method with new site code.

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "[Tool] UEFI Download Tool v1.85.1" 07.10.2015

      The ASUS method in 1.82 build july 4-5th is no longer usable as asus has changed the way their site works,
      I will be releasing a build update for 1.82 eventually to fix this rewriting the method to use asus support page instead.

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "[Tool] UEFI Download Tool v1.85.1" 05.28.2015

      Version 1.81 released fixing issues that were reported to me by error report, some i reviewed and the errors did not happen for me or it was server side issue that could not be changed.
      this includes updated dlls and a dell method fix for the Desktop Vostro 430.

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "[Tool] UEFI Download Tool v1.85.1" 05.26.2015

      Update: I decided to migrate back to windows and continue using c# as i know it almost 100% and can develop practically anything with it, my programs had no use on mac, some may on Linux but they can be made in another language if i want to port.
      As of now i am back on Windows and will be coding in c# so this project will continue to grow and get updated with patches.

    • GlitchyHack has written a new post "[Tool] UEFI Download Tool v1.85.1" 05.18.2015

      Zitat von robnitro im Beitrag #198
      No problem. It was a subfolder of your program and no exe... but a bunch of .cl files.
      I didn't notice it until recently, and it was quite a while since I used the UEFI tool which didn't find anything for my motherboard. I deleted the install folder, but again, there was no uninstaller so, this users appdata folder was never deleted!!! I hate that even programs with uninstallers don't remove all of these unused files!

      Does the new version have an uninstaller?

      The mdm.exe doesn't exist unless it is running, very odd.

      If anyone is concerned just check the subfolders of folders named glitchy* for a cache folder and whether it has files of *.cl in there. Maybe the tool was hijacked by someone else?

      Also check task scheduler for a task that calls something in the glitchyhack folder.. A lot of new viruses/trojans are using task scheduler to bypass normal malware scanners.

      If anyone knows how to extract who is getting the credit from this, let me know and I will dig it up from my acronis backup image and examine it.

      Like i said i don't know what is going on there, it was definitely not my doing, and the current version 1.80.1 does have a correct uninstaller. But as of right the the program, is being rebuilt under c++ instead of c# using QT so things in the new 1.90 version that will be released quire a while from now seeing how i have to work a lot will likely be completely different, and seeing how it is not under .net anymore any cache files that may be present would have to be manually coded from me probably unless qt does some weird stuff like that for the GUI.

      I would check your system for any viruses, maybe do a clean install of windows, and use the latest stable version of UDT which is 1.80.1 to achieve your goal such as check for a certain motherboard firmware update as it's intended for, and no random files should exist besides the ones i use such as setting.xml, and as of now maybe some .net files windows needed.



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