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    • Stickmode has written a new post "ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201" 06.30.2017

      I found a big flaw in the BIOS of my CROSSHAIR V FORMULA and, because the FORMULA Z is almost the same, i got curious and looked into your BIOS to see if the flaw was also there. And yes, it is also there.

      ASUS didn't put the AMD AHCI ROM v3.3.2.0 for DEV_4391 (or any other version) that is supposed to be there. The module is simply missing. Only the RAID modules are there (DEV_4392 and DEV_4393). It is probably always running on legacy driver. As a result, anyone using their system in AHCI mode have their SATA controller not working properly without knowing it. Some people even reported a noticeable startup time into Windows that can be improved by up to 13 seconds faster when the missing module is added.

      So i added the missing AHCI module with the other RAID modules in the CSMCORE and took the opportunity to also upgrade the following while i was working on it:

      OROM Intel Boot Agent GE - 1.5.81 -----> OROM LAN Intel BootAgent GE 1.5.83

      EFI Intel PRO/1000 UNDI - 7.3.20 -----> EFI LAN Intel PRO/1000 UNDI v7.4.25

      You can test it by downloading it here

      Hope this is usefull.

      Thanks Phoenix48,with your help this MOBO starts faster!!. I'll offer an update soon with the latest AMD microcodes and modules.


    • Zitat von dpderr im Beitrag #36

      I ordered a Lenovo SM951a from eBay model MZVKV512HAJH-00L1 with firmware 6L0QBXX7. I have read from a Taiwan site (See link below photo, translated by Google) the SM951 uses conventional 2D MLC NAND but SM951a uses 3D NAND MLC. Have you heard of this? If this is true, it would make it the same as the 950 Pro, yes? And if it's true, do you think it is possible to flash the 950 Pro firmware onto it? Thanks in advance!

      NVMe PCI Express SSD Optional Complete Guide!

      Hi Dpderr, if your drive uses 3D-NAND it's possible to flash it with the 950 Pro firmware. First, try to obtain the 950 Pro firmware and use the Lenovo SSD firmware update utility editing the config file adding your drive to the list and the firmware you got. Good luck!!
      Update: I have some info about a tool called "Memdump" used to dump the firmware of optical drives (dvd-rom, BD-rom, etc), but it can be used to dump the M.2 SSDs firmware. The only issue I see is that you have to put the memory address, offset and drive letter to dump, in other words you have to determine the firmware location inside the NAND memory. I'll post this utility for someone to test it and help us to dump the firmwares.
      Here's the file:

      Also, if someone provides the Samsung UBX Controller documentation...

      Thank you!!

    • Zitat von keeepc im Beitrag #34
      I have contacted samsung support, but they do not want to answer me, for Dell, I do not have a Dell product, my ssd are fitted on Asrock motherboard...
      If I find a firmware up to date I would post it here ...
      Thanks for your help Keeepc, this is the only way to update our drives, because Samsung doesn't support them. We have the utility to update the firmwares, the problem is we don't have the latest firmware to update... until we find them or find a way to dump them from the latest NVMe SM951 released.

    • Stickmode has written a new post "ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201" 01.30.2017

      Good test Felix, I wish you find the best performance of your 960 pro, this will benefit everyone that wants to take the max advantage this MOBO offers with M.2 drives. I'd recommend to install the Samsung NVME drives during the WIN7 installation, so the OS recognizes your drive without issues. I have a pair of 480 SSDs, and I'll try to install them in RAID0 configuration with the NVME 951 drive as a boot drive to improve the performance of my system, in the future I'll offer a RAID guide of this config, and tell you how it goes.

      Good luck!!

    • Stickmode has written a new post "ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201" 01.20.2017

      Finally Felix, welcome to this forum. I was waiting for you, because you were the first to start asking for this M.2 feature on this MOBO two years ago in the ASUS forums, and now you GOT it. I created this Bios to extend the life of this cycle-end board until the AMD RYZEN platform comes, adding features like this and if the user wants add a USB 3.1 add-on PCIe like the ASROCK USB 3.1 A+C card, to enjoy next generation tech only available on INTEL mobos. The Samsung 960 PRO and 960 EVO are the fastest on the line, off course due PCIe 2.0 limitations on this Mobo, they can't reach their full potential. I'd recommend installing the Bios in post #17, the Samsung NVMe drivers, and disable Write-Caching only for benchmarks, also follow the guide: NVMe performance on INTEL platforms that applies to AMD too here: [Discussion] Performance of the Samsung M.2 SSDs (AHCI/NVMe) in this forum.


    • Stickmode has written a new post "ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201" 01.19.2017

      Zitat von Sentinel im Beitrag #22
      Very nice speed consistency!

      Good bechmarks Sentinel, this Patriot drive is on par with Samsung drives ( around 1430 MB/s writte, 1520 MB/s read). I would like Yeemaster3 to put his Intel drive benchmarks too, so we'll have a better performance chart between Samsung, Patriot, and Intel drives using this MOBO.

      Thank you!!

    • Zitat von evo85210 im Beitrag #30
      I have a MZVPV256 firmware BXW7, is this the newest? why is my firmware version only 4 digits?
      i'm using a msi laptop

      Welcome evo85210, the lastest firmware for Samsung NVMe drives is "BXW75D0Q", from Dell...
      Some manufacturers only put the first four digits in their firmwares, but generally speaking your firmware is BXW7300Q wich is the standard...

    • This question is for MartPwnS, as you have some Linux experience: Do you know about the "nanddump' command in Mtdutils for linux?. I have googled it, and it seen to work with M.2 SSD, this command tool can dump all the Nand-flash from a drive, the only thing to know is the lenght and offset location of the firmware.

      Thank you!!

    • Stickmode has written a new post "ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201" 01.10.2017

      Zitat von Sentinel im Beitrag #20
      ..and it WORKED!!! Thank You very much!

      It's confirmed, this Bios works with other brands of M.2 SSDs. I'd recommend to use this Bios instead the others, and this MOBO will recognize every M.2 drive you install in it, if not, let me know and I'd fix your boot problem with the specific drive.

      Thank you!!

    • Zitat von Fernando im Beitrag #1236
      Zitat von davidm71 im Beitrag #1235
      Perhaps if you could please post your unmodified 29kb ffs file for comparison that would help.
      My source file was the one, which was attached to >this< post written by celemine1gig.
      Hi Fernando, is this the latest NVMe module from Clover?. Or the latest is that you provided in post # 912, what are the differences between both modules?, are both tested and working?

      Thank you!!

    • Zitat von MartPwnS im Beitrag #20
      The tools you linked have no way to read from the NAND flash they can just "Download" aka flash a firmware file in chunks to the controller.
      Is there any proof that lenovo offers a possibility to backup the old firmware ?
      Because having the decompiled C code in front of me that seems unlikely...
      Thanks for the info MartPwns, did you decompiled the "fwwinupdater_v11.exe" file?. Because this is the core executable that performs the firmware update and should had a backup command. Without this command we cannot dump our firmware to start sharing it and update.

    • Stickmode has written a new post "[OFFER] Asus Crosshair V Formula 1703 mod BIOS" 01.07.2017

      Happy new year everyone, I'll ask Phoenix48: Does this Bios can be upgraded to boot M.2 SS drives?. As I did with the CF5Z Bios, I inserted both Samsung_M2.DXE & NVMeEXPRESS.DXE boot modules with MMTool so if you want to boot from a PCIe 4X connected M.2 SSD adapter, you can do it for every M.2 model in the market.
      I think it could work, because this MOBO has similarities with the CF5Z.

      Thank you!!

    • Stickmode has written a new post "ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201" 01.07.2017

      Zitat von yeemaster3 im Beitrag #15
      Worked great, used the USB boot media method. Thanks for the help!

      Ok Yeemaster3, can you give us your speed benchmark. I'm curious to see if the Intel drives perform better than the Samsung models using this mobo.

      Thank you!!

    • Zitat von Fernando im Beitrag #16
      Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!
      I hope, that you will get the requested informations from our Forum member Stickmode.
      Dieter (alias Fernando)

      Hi Fernando, thanks to be here in this forum's topic. I'd like to ask you about "fwwinupdater_v11.exe" utility wich is the core to update the firmware of our SM951 drives. As I know every firmware update tool can upgrade the firmware and also backup this, if so there is a command to backup hidden in this tool. We just need to discover it, how to do that?, as I'm a nebbie coder I need your help or someone that can help us discover this command to finally start to update our drives.


    • Zitat von kochevnik im Beitrag #15
      @Stickmode Hello. I have a friend with Lenovo laptop. I would like to help out and get his firmware. What's the procedure to back it up?
      Thank you

      Hello Kochevnik, tell your friend to open a ticket from Lenovo tech support. Telling them that he has a NVMe SM951 M.2 SSD (MZVPV256HDGL-000L1), and he'd use the FWSD36 firmware update utility to update his M.2 drive, but first he'd like to BACKUP his firmware. How to do that with this firmware update utility.
      The reason I'm asking you this, because this tool updates the firmware of our drives, but we need the latest firmwares first to upgrade our drives. We have to DUMP the firmware and start sharing it to make a firmware database, due Samsung doesn't officialy support this drive model and they will never do. Only third parties like Lenovo, HP, and Dell could offer firmware updates; but these firmwares also work with standard drives with the same model number.

      Thank you!!

    • Stickmode has written a new post "ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201" 01.05.2017

      I am trying to boot from a Patriot Hellfire 240g NVME and a Crosshair Formula Z, with no luck. A little help will be apreciated!

      Ok Sentinel, probably the NVMeExpressDXE doesn't detect the Patriot drives. I'll update this Bios with the latest NVMeExpressDXE (from CLOVER) customized & provided by Fernando, this new NVMe module offers better compatibility and performance. This could help the Bios to detect your drive, give it a try...

      Here's the file, let me know your results:

      PD: I'll encourage everyone to try this new Bios for such improvements, and use benchmarks to test its performance compared to the other Bios posted in this topic.

    • Happy new year everyone!!

      I'm still waiting for our friends of Overlockers.com to help us find a way to dump the firmware. So, I need the help of everyone in this forum for clues of how to do this job, what utilities we need, and the help of an expert coder to create a utility for this purpose or moddify the "firmwareupdaterv11", with your help we'll get the firmwares as soon as possible.

      Thank you!!

    • Stickmode has written a new post "ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201" 01.02.2017

      Zitat von yeemaster3 im Beitrag #12
      Do you know if this method will work with DVD boot media rather than USB for Win10 install?
      Anyways, I have an Intel 600p SSD coming. I will post back with results.
      Ok, thanks Yeemaster3. I haven't tried this method, but I think it could work if you update and change the Bios settings and put your DVD-rom to boot first in boot priority, then after OS install you can change it to boot your Intel M.2 drive first as Windows boot manager.

    • Stickmode has written a new post "ASUS CrossHair V Formula Z MOD bios 2201" 01.02.2017

      Zitat von Sentinel im Beitrag #11
      Hello! and happy holidays!

      I am trying to boot from a Patriot Hellfire 240g NVME and a Crosshair Formula Z, with no luck. A little help will be apreciated!

      Happy new year!!
      First some questions, do you updated the Bios?, do you follow the OS install instructions?. Also, do you changed the Bios settings as I recommended. I tell you this because if you changed the settings, your drive has to appear at the boot tap in Bios, if so you can install the OS and make it bootable.

    • Stickmode has written a new post "Asmedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware" 12.28.2016

      Thank you Mockingbird, your firmware is for PCIe USB 3.0 cards. But would be posible to use this file for mobo's firmware removing the padding, you can check the firmware version using the ASmedia firmware update utility wich is available here in this forum's topic. You have to run the utility in DOS and input the command to check the firmware file.

      Update: Yes, you have the latest firmware. Good discover, well done.



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