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Came up with original one file method to boot NVMe drives on unsupported hardware
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      Yo Ammoune fellow Oz enthusiast! Hows it going?! About modding your microcodes just follow my guide. Important to copy-paste over new MCís over old MCís on the extracted file. Just donít do it on the main bios file or youll have problems. If anything is different please make your notes here. Good luck man!

      Edit: @ammoune78 What kind of cpu??

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      Thank you Fernando but I am sure it needs more work as I am only an intermediate and there are others out there with more knowledge that I hope will contribute to making it better.

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    • @pedrosimao:
      What your trying to do is at the moment very difficult. I would go to Insanelymac.com and ask the Gurus over there what to do.

      Problem #1 is that Apple hardware is proprietary. Problem #2 High Sierra is now using the AFPS file system.
      But I think the Apple firmware may have a whitelist. Their drives also need to have certain sector size configurations as well.

      Not sure if its doable.

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      Will not work!!! The pin layout is slightly different as the 8700k has extra pins feeding power not on prior generation sockets or so iíve read. Probably fry the cpu if you try..

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      Hi Guys,

      Trying to update my microcodes on a MSI X99A Godlike and confused about wether or not _FIT_ Table needs to be updated to reflect the size changes in the cpu microcodes. I tried to mod the bios file by changing key hex values to allow Ubu operate on it but it woulds stall when trying to update the microcodes. I know how to search and replace microcodes with a hex editor by searching for the header but not sure for X99 if its necessary to update FIT? If so my Fit is in a padding file. Was able to locate it using UefiTool A40 by following the addresses it listed but can't make sense of the hex values. @Sonix if your listening can I please have help with this?

      Thank you

      Nevermind I figured it out - searched for _FIT_ downstream of the address revealed in UefiTool A40 in hex editor and there it is...


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      Zitat von lordkag im Beitrag #72
      It wasn't a critique per se, but rather suggestions to improve it or avoid mistakes. For your particular case, item nr. 3 was the problem. To have UBU support, you just have to remove FFS_ATTRIB_FIXED (useless on Volume Top Files), in other words, change file attribute from 0C to 08. You could do this with UEFITool, by extracting 1BA0062E-C779-4582-8566-336AE8F78F09 and in that file change offset 0x13 from value 0C to 08, save the file, then replace it. The problem is that UEFITool will also remove the trampoline for recovery (CodeRush can offer more details). To avoid this, open your E7883IMS.110 file in hex editor and change offset FFE0C8 from 95 to 99, then change offset FFE0CB from 0C to 08. You can double check the result with UEFITool. After this change, your file will work in UBU for microcode update. See the picture bellow, you need to change only the two values, but keep the top red line unchanged.



      Couple years ago you instructed me how to enable Ubutool to properly change cpu microcodes without failure by searching for certain addresses and changing values. However this year a new bios version rolled out however the manufacturer neglected to update the cpu microcodes and those hexadecimal values are no longer valid. After a little digging I found this:

      Are the locations still the same?

      You will notice that the offset is no longer FFE0C8 but FFDEA8. Do the final values still apply?

      Thank you

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      Zitat von MrGenius im Beitrag #372
      Zitat von hellm im Beitrag #371

      I also did this for version 2.0, but since Vega is unmoddable i thought there would be no use for it. if you want to give it a try..

      Well...I gave 'er a try. No luck.

      I get the same message after POST as I got before with it installed. Says "There is no GOP (Graphics Output Protocol) support detected in this card."

      Anywho...now we know that doesn't work.

      I got the same error message on my 980 ti!! Not sure why. Worst case scenario: Bad motherboard pci-e slot, Bad video card, or bad PSU... Sigh,,,

    • @pipould:
      Sounds like a bad SSD. Does it work in another machine?

      I would try it in another computer and use that other computer to install the OS and before it reboots to do its final setup step plug it into your Z87 and let it continue the installation.

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      @Fernando ,

      I apologize for getting off track and should note that I also have a Z87 board like his with no nvme module present and have found that I could boot from the Plextor M8PeY with out issue.

      Thank you.

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      Worth noting that on my old X58 board that very same Plextor Nvme drive actually appears in the bios boot menu and a physical drive. Booting from it however was another issue.
      Thats why I think it has legacy rom as the X58 board is pre-uefi...

    • davidm71 has written a new post "Poor Write Speed Plextor M8PE(Y) on Intel 8 Series Chipset" 09.21.2017

      I have the 512gb version of that Nvme drive and the reason you can boot without modification of your bios is because the drive also has legacy rom. I can do the same on my Gigabyte Z87 system without mods. About the low write speeds I have also noticed that and was not pleased. Would make sure you update your Plextors firmware to the latest though.



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