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    • Horstfuchs has written a new post "[Guide] Manual AMI UEFI BIOS Modding " 09.12.2017

      Zitat von lordkag im Beitrag #72
      To have UBU support, you just have to remove FFS_ATTRIB_FIXED (useless on Volume Top Files), in other words, change file attribute from 0C to 08. You could do this with UEFITool, by extracting 1BA0062E-C779-4582-8566-336AE8F78F09 and in that file change offset 0x13 from value 0C to 08, save the file, then replace it. The problem is that UEFITool will also remove the trampoline for recovery (CodeRush can offer more details). To avoid this, open your E7883IMS.110 file in hex editor and change offset FFE0C8 from 95 to 99, then change offset FFE0CB from 0C to 08. You can double check the result with UEFITool. After this change, your file will work in UBU for microcode update. See the picture bellow, you need to change only the two values, but keep the top red line unchanged.

      @lordkag I hate having to dig this up, since I do think it's pretty well-written and self-explanatory. I usually update the microcode manually as per davidm's tutorial, but I wanted to give this more efficient method a try on the latest BIOS for my MSI X99S MPOWER.
      After successfully changing offset 0x13 from value 0C to 08 in 1BA0062E-C779-4582-8566-336AE8F78F09, I went on to open the BIOS file in a hex editor. However, the offsets stated are different and do apparently not apply for this file. Only by changing offset 0x13, the method did not work in UBU.

      I have uploaded a fresh copy of the BIOS file under the following link:

      Would you kindly help me out here? I'd greatly appreciate it.


    • Horstfuchs has written a new post "CPU Microcode BIOS modding questions/problems" 11.23.2016

      Hey Guys,

      I was trying to update the microcode on a recent BIOS version to the latest one, 39, using HxD and UEFITool, but UEFITool says the Microcode is in there at two points now.
      With previous BIOS versions, the old MC hex pattern was there only once.

      What do I do now? Both patterns link to the same GUID.

      BIOS downloaded from:

      Thanks in advance.

    • Horstfuchs has written a new post "Performance of the Intel RST/RSTe AHCI/RAID Drivers" 06.18.2016

      Hi Fernando,

      when you get around to your next driver benchmark, would you please include RST Enterprise drivers as well? Preferably the latest one. I am curious as to how they fare against the regular ones.

    • Horstfuchs has written a new post "[OFFER] ASUS Rampage V Extreme - modded BIOSes" 04.30.2016

      Zitat von tistou77 im Beitrag #17
      Zitat von Horstfuchs im Beitrag #16
      Why would you think v37 is any worse than v36?
      I tried the 2 2001 bios modded by Sylar76
      The "R5E-2001 MOD" with the microcode 36 and the "R5E-2001 MOD2" with the microcode 37, and with the microcode 37, my OC is not stable and PC freeze
      Interesting, thanks. I'm running v37 with no stability issues, but I'm not OC'ing currently. Might try out and see if there are any differences for my board.

      EDIT by Fernando: Unneeded parts of the fully quoted text removed (to save space and for a better readability)

    • Horstfuchs has written a new post "[OFFER] ASUS Rampage V Extreme - modded BIOSes" 04.30.2016

      Zitat von tistou77 im Beitrag #14
      Its CPU Microcodes 36 or 37 ?
      If it is 37, you can do it with 36 (best for the OC)
      Why would you think v37 is any worse than v36?

    • Horstfuchs has written a new post "Asus Z170 Deluxe Whea Logger Event ID17" 04.30.2016

      That's an error message I originally got with my X99 build as well. I managed to resolve this by doing a BIOS update.

      There's a newer BIOS available for your motherboard, I suggest you update and report back.

      If it still won't go away, things may point to a hardware fault, but that's not for sure.

    • Horstfuchs has written a new post "Changing Motherboard" 04.30.2016


      I wouldn't recommend going from P67 chipset to H61. You'll lose various useful features. That's a downgrade right there.

    • Horstfuchs has written a new post "CPU Microcode BIOS modding questions/problems" 02.02.2016

      Note that the newest Microcodes are probably only incorporated in/released for Windows 10.
      For Windows 8.1, I did not receive the latest one, whereas on Windows 10 I did.

    • Horstfuchs has written a new post "[Discussion] UBU Tool related Questions, Reports and Suggestions" 10.09.2015

      For some reason, my one onboard I210 updates from UNDI 6.0.24 to UNDI 0.0.09. Shouldn't it be updating to 6.9.07? On Aptio V.

    • Horstfuchs has written a new post "Intel RST/RSTe Drivers (newest: v15.8.1.1007 WHQL/v5.2.0.1194 WHQL)" 10.09.2015

      Yo Fernando,

      I'm in quite a pickle here. I'd like to install either the RST or the RSTe driver on my X99 platform.
      Now, since I have HDDs that are affected by the HDD clicking/head parking bug ( https://communities.intel.com/thread/533...rt=135&tstart=0 ), I would like to avoid the newest RST drivers since these still exhibit that bug, although X99 chipset may not be concerned. Let's just say I do not want to subject my HDDs to potential breakdown.

      According to the last poster on the Intel forum thread, RSTe drivers work flawlessly. Are there major performance differences between the RST and RSTe drivers? Which RSTe driver would you recommend for an X99 motherboard? Just the newest one?

      Appreciate any help.

    • Horstfuchs has written a new post "Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools" 09.17.2015

      Thanks for performing these benchmarks!
      I really find it hard to believe that different MEI drivers could cause such cause substantial performance differences. Is it possible these results are within the margin of error? What would happen if you were to actually never install/update the MEI driver?



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