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    • Unfortunately no luck again, doesn't matter how it went to sleep (lid down or just setting it sleep) it just doesn't work. I assume that this bug is fixed in 10.0 ME Series chipsets and downgrading to older BIOS won't make a difference.

      Though great find no matter if it wasn't successful.

    • @buggermem80

      I tried the Microcode updated BIOS with Insyde Flasher and it didn't work, hardware checks can't be bypassed. Got an error message after reboot saying that the BIOS image is invalid.

      Also I've been working with mclarke2355 who generously modded my BIOS with not just new Microcode but also Intel RST, GOP, VGA BIOS (Intel), Realtek OROM. We also discovered that it is not necessary to remove the battery to initiate BIOS recovery (which actually in newer laptops like mine has hardware checks if you're trying to flash modded BIOSes)

      With that find I decided to use Intel FPT to flash the BIOS region (before I disabled the option BIOS Lock) but new error appeared (28) which says that Protected Range Register are enforced in the BIOS.
      So that means that modded BIOSes in newer laptops (I can say for now, only from Acer) can be only flashed via external programmer.

      Forgot to mention, mclarke2355 has a thread (Link) where he offers his modded Acer E5-572G BIOS which can be safely flashed to recovery mode, this step does not apply to newer laptops as I said.

    • acid96 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 09.14.2016

      Didn't find that setting there.

      As matter of fact I've been reading in the past that HP does RSA sign on their BIOSes, dunno if it's related with this.

      And don't hurry take your time.

    • acid96 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 09.14.2016

      Well it's unfortunate, but even with that setting enabled to accept ME FW Reflashing I just can't dump the ME firmware, the CPU still doesn't have read attributes to that region (referring to what the FPT error was).

      It would be better not do this, since probably I will come to another set of obstacles and prevent me flash the modded BIOS on the end, now I'm glad that I didn't flash that firstly modded BIOS by me with only the CPU microcode.
      Thanks for the help so far and sorry for wasting your time on this..

      EDIT (Hope you see this) : Actually there is a setting called Intel Platform Trust Technology that can be disabled via Advanced chipset settings in BIOS and I wonder, is this setting related with the one you mentioned that checks BIOS FW on boot ?

    • acid96 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 09.14.2016

      Dump sent via PM.

      EDIT : Hope I'm not late. When you updated your BIOS with the RST you included the EFI driver too or just the OROM one ?
      Probably since I'm using UEFI, it should actually boot the EFI one instead.

      Well if it's too much hassle for you, I'll just wait the tutorial and add it myself, I'm really fine with that.

    • acid96 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 09.14.2016

      Well since it works fine (and I don't really bother to use RAID), the same as you used.

    • acid96 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 09.14.2016

      First of all thank you for your offer of updating my BIOS. It's unfortunate that you can't open your BIOS with the tool.. first plutomaniac encountered bug with microcode add button then this, that tool is sure buggy.

      Anyways since I wan't to preserve stock settings, I wanted to upadte only the Microcode to 24, and guess the GOP, Intel RST, Intel VBIOS and Realtek LAN OROM wont hurt too :p

      BTW, does the v15 Intel RST work well on your 8-series chipset since Fernando and others suggest that branch for 100/200 series ?

    • acid96 has written a new post "[OFFER] Acer Aspire E5-572G Modded Bios" 09.13.2016

      Anyone tried(succeeded) to update newer InsydeH2O BIOSes (atleast CPU Microcode) ?

      So actually someone made it, good work man. The link up there is my thread, asking If someone used H2OEZE tool to update a BIOS, and I guess you did it manually here. Great job again.

      Anyways I have E5-573G (no removable battery, but I can unlock advanced settings with Fn + Tab key, restart and then get back into BIOS again which will have advanced settings unlocked). This way I will flash mine through Intel FPT by unlocking BIOS flash.
      Can you actually try to use H2OEZE tool (link in my thread) to update all this without doing it manually, or just post a DIY manually updating BIOS tutorial. I guess the tool will work...

      I'm willing to mod mine and flash it, and probably give you modded BIOSes (If you want ofc) so you can share them too!

      Great job again, and thanks in advance.

    • Well if I decide to flash it I always can enable advanced options in BIOS (Fn + Tab in BIOS -> Exit BIOS -> Enter Again) and head to the BIOS lock option and disable it. Thanks again anyways.

    • Zitat von buggermem80 im Beitrag #13
      Sorry, didn't notice that your laptop doesn't have a removable battery.
      Normally the recovery flash is the safest way to flash original and modded bioses, but in this case using the Windows flash utility might be better.
      Here are the Windows flasher and the modded bios (added microcode using the same method you used). I also added the headers that the Insyde extractor removed, because those are necessary for the Windows flasher.
      You can just extract the file and run "H2OFFT-W.exe", then it should directly flash the bios.

      With the official bios this method was already used successfully.
      However, I never flashed a modded bios this way/used H2OEZE before, so you need to keep the risk in mind.

      Thank you very much for this, but I will wait a little bit more though I have feeling that it will work, but when you don't have programmer you still get that bag of risk there yeah..

    • @buggermem80

      So as I understand your post, this a method of restoring to the generic (1.37) BIOS if anything goes wrong or just a method to flash a BIOS.
      And I have to disconnect the battery inside since this laptop doesn't have removable battery like it's shown in the pictures ?


      Well I confirm it too, I found the same kernel version number as you said in HxD, so assuming that in the release notes it says ("Kernel version required: 03.62.10, 03.72.10, 05.02.10 and later"), the tool should be applicable on this BIOS. Thanks again for the great find there.
      And about that bug, I tried two BIOSes with the add option :

      1. Using the add option in the edited BIOS with 24 Microcode (I used replace firstly on the FPT dumped BIOS) doesn't give that weird output.
      2. I confirm the bug same as yours here If I try to mod the (1.37 or dumped BIOS) with add option I get that weird output but here the tool doesn't crash and the BIOS still can be saved.

      The strange thing is that parsing the "bugged" BIOS in MC_Extractor shows that the BIOS is added next to the first one, but still there are 10 Microcodes in the BIOS.
      Also even there's a some BIOS in the tool that came with it (S675P008.fd), that has originally 7 Microcodes in there (reported by MC Extractor), and adding our Microcode there dosen't produce the bug, so probably 10 Microcodes are the limit in Insyde BIOSes ??
      And the tool actually reads the current Microcode in your PC and If it detects the same one in the BIOS then it shows only that one.

    • On load of the BIOS in H2OEZE there's always a message showing some sizes of the BIOS, including the microcode size which says 256K (picture attached).

      Also that's strange, you used replace as I did on mine, or just deleted the current microcode (1F) and added the 24 one. Probably those maybe are from different variants for the laptop since I think there are with different CPU, though having that much is bit strange.

      Well If I don't have luck with someone else who has knowledge of modding Insyde BIOSes, either with the tool or not posting here, I guess I leave it not flashed. Though If this ever turns out to be correct and working way it would really help the others with newer computers that have Insyde BIOSes and want to edit them.

      Though there's also to mention that in the release notes of the tool, it says that every new version has some kernel versions that it supports, but the tool never reports the kernel version or even if the BIOS file has higher than it supports.

    • Well ok, thanks for your huge help so far. But I will wait a little bit more if someone else with more knowledge about Insyde BIOSes will reply here for help and tips.

      Other thing to mention, the size of the microcode header in the BIOS is 256K and either way even with 1F or 24 revision, the header is not filled to the end (attached picture of that). So that clears my confusion why the size of the BIOS is still the same.
      Any help from other members would be glad, once again thank you plutomaniac

      EDIT: Also attached information about CPUID with AIDA64

    • I got error while trying. Attached screenshot.

      But I think I have solution. If I enable advanced hidden options in BIOS (with Tab + Fn, that's actually the hotkey, no need to use modded BIOS anymore :P) there's a option in Chipset Section where it says BIOS Lock or something, forgot the exact thing.

      Soo, If I enable that would it work ?

      EDIT: And no I don't have programmer :/, maybe this error gave me last chance...

    • I dumped the BIOS region with Flash Programming Tool, the size of the BIOS is the same with the one which I extracted from the Acer BIOS update.

      H2OEZE accepted the dumped BIOS as .bin (I've set it to choose all file types) and the CPU microcode can be updated, so I replaced whole 1F Microcode with the 24 one.

      BIOS saved without any errors as .fd (I've also attached picture of the tool showing updated microcode)

      But now I'm confused with how to flash the BIOS, Insyde Flash tool or Intel Flash Programming tool once again ?



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