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    • 100PIER has written a new post "poor performance with a SM951 AHCI vie PCIe" 02.25.2017

      1) you omitted to display me your PCIe Bus infos I was asking you such as these one relative to your SM951 AHCI device.
      Which such infos you can observe if the device is properly connected with the proper driver and the proper BIOS settings:

      2) To avoid any problem with PCIe V3.0 X4 add-in card I recommend you the perfect DUAL port support (SATA 6G and NVMe simultaneously) add-in card ECM20 M.2 Adapter SILVERSTONE.
      or for a mono port solution SATA 6G or NVMe the LYCOM DT-120 (without radiator) or the KRYO M.2 PCIe v3.0 X4 for M.2 NGFF PCIe SSD (with radiator).

    • 100PIER has written a new post "poor performance with a SM951 AHCI vie PCIe" 02.24.2017

      I try to understand why you said the problem is coming from your RAID driver.
      1) Why you don't use Intel SATA RAID driver v13.2.4.1000 instead of v14.8.0.1042 ?
      2) Can you develop your PCI Bus information such as:
      On X99 mboard does exist 2 independant SATA Controllers, one is dedicated for AHCI and RAID mode configuration (v13.x), one other is exclusively for AHCI mode and does not support RAID mode (v5.x).

    • 100PIER has written a new post "poor performance with a SM951 AHCI vie PCIe" 02.24.2017

      Thnks for the details.
      I assume Slot 2 and Slot 4 are empty due to mechanical reasons ? (may be Titan XP does need two slots (width) ?)
      I assume you have disabled into BIOS all the empty slots excepted the slot associate to M.2 SM951 NVMe presence. What Slot number is it ?
      By experience on my Sabertooth the NB "Auto" settings does not work, it is a bug I had reported to ASUS. The workaround is to set to "Gen 3" to force the right parameter value and this does works fine.
      About your SATA RAID arrays I don't understand your configuration.
      To be more clear can you provide a "HWINFO64 / DriveControllerInfo" screenshot such as this one ?

    • 100PIER has written a new post "[Benchmarks] Comparison of the currently fastest consumer SSDs" 02.24.2017

      1) The only valid method to update the 960 EVO firmware is the '.iso' method:


      You have to build from the Samsung .iso file Firmware Update Tool (v3.1) a USB 2 stick via RUFUS to get a bootable Linux media (only working when CSM enabled).
      The tool does detect the current firmware version and propose to update it. The update does take only few seconds. (2 or 3s)
      2) As reported in my previous posts the new firmware does offer a little less performance than with the original version.
      3) About the "unsafe shutdowns" problem I don't think this firmware version does fix it. Samsung is working on the problem.
      4) If you look at SSD Review the last bench done with "MyDigitalSSD BPX M.2 NVMe 480GB" device are quite similar to 960 EVO , however the CDInfo screenshot of this non Samsung NVMe manufacturer does display also the 'unsafe shutdowns' problem !

    • 100PIER has written a new post "poor performance with a SM951 AHCI vie PCIe" 02.24.2017

      I have some doubt that your SM951 AHCI does not work properly. It is a very strong product.
      May be, you should plug it into another PC, and do some benchs (CDM, ANVIL) with this device ?
      I assume you know that even if you have 7 PCIe x16 "available" on the mboard and if some native M.2 slots are populated some "PCIe x16" becomes automatically disabled into BIOS.

      On Sabertooth X99 I recommend to not use the M.2 slot for thermal reason and also for less performance (measured) in comparaison with an add-in card PCIe Gen 3 x4 solution.

      Can you list in detail how are populated the the 7 PCIe x16 slots ? (free, if not free with what device). At the moment we have to guess your PCIe slots configuration.

      Can you list the exact BIOS settings of "PCIEX16_1, _2,...,_7 Link Speed" into "NB PCIe configuration" sub-Menu of the "System Agent Configuration" Menu ?

    • 100PIER has written a new post "poor performance with a SM951 AHCI vie PCIe" 02.23.2017

      Usually it is recommended to plug in the SSD system (I assume i750 in your case) nearmost the last GPU.
      Do you have the possibility to replace the SM951 AHCI device with a SM951 NVMe (same PCIe slot) ? (Same performance problem ?)
      Do you have tested Samsung NVMe 960 EVO/PRO ?

    • 100PIER has written a new post "poor performance with a SM951 AHCI vie PCIe" 02.23.2017


      May be my Sabertooth x99 configuration example can help you understand why SM951 AHCI get less performance (about half) when plugged in into a PCIe v2.0 (Gen2) X4 slot instead of PCIe v3.0 (Gen3) X4 (or X8,or X16) slot.
      Sabertooth X99 does offer 3 Gen3 PCIe slots (X16, X16, X8) and one additional Gen2 PCIe slot X4.
      The 3 GEN 3 PCIe slots are populated with a GPU card, a NVMe Intel i750 (system) card, and a NVMe Samsung 960 PRO with a Kryo add-in card.
      The SM951 AHCI is plugged into (via a DT120 add-in card) the only available PCie X4 which is limited to Gen 2 standard.


      Here is a test done (dated on august 2015) when SM951 AHCI was plugged into a Gen3 PCIe slot:

    • @Fernando,
      Personally, my vote is the new (version 2) which does offer MORE NVMe SSDs supported bootable.
      So, I see no interest to keep the links to the older NVMe version.

    • @Fernando,
      All these questions because there are now more and more different NVMe SSDs solutions available on the market.
      If I plan to use a new one I have now the certitude that boot off may be work or may be will not work.

    • @Fernando,
      Thanks again for this confirmation about Aptio IV vs Aptio V.
      You said all mboard manufacturers does include these 3 NVMe modules in their "native" NVMe BIOS.
      Do you confirm all of these manufacturers do use 3 identical NVMe modules and so these 3 NVMe modules are "universal" and can be considered as a "standard" ?
      No NVMe modules variant depending of NVMe "standard" version compliance (v1.1, v1.2, etc..) ?

    • @Fernando,
      Many thanks for the clear status about NVMe BIOS modules.

      Please can you confirm me that any 'extracted' native NVMe BIOS module of BIOS Aptio V (modern) can be 'inserted' within a non-native NVMe BIOS Aptio IV (ancient) without any compatibility 'format' or 'structure' problem ?

    • @Fernando,
      I agree that the main "NVME" module is mandatory to be able to boot off an NVMe SSD (if you remove it, boot off is not possible (at least for Samsung NVMe products)).
      But what are the exact functions of the two others modules (NVMEINT13 and NVMESMM) ?
      Are they used also when boot off ?
      Are they used also or only after boot off ?

      May be only ASUS knows that and this is a pure 'proprietary' solution to offer a BIOS Aptio V NVMe compliant.

      Does ASROCK BIOS NVMe functionality splitted into several modules ?

    • @Fernando,
      UBU tools does display only one NVMe module is present.
      So, this is confusing.

      UEFI_Tool does detect (via "search" option) 7 occurrences of 'nvme' text,and yes, you are right, 3 different nvme modules can be found.
      Are all of them used by the system when booting ? or after booting ?
      Or only one, or two are used ?
      Interdependancy between them ?
      Is "NVME" module the only one detected by UBU scanning ?
      Lot of mysters for me.

    • @Antibear,
      I have a Sabertooth X99 mboard and never see 3 different NVMe BIOS modules into BIOS v3402.
      I think only one NVMe module does exist.
      Are you sure ?

    • 100PIER has written a new post "Recommended SSD Tools" 02.16.2017

      "Rapid" mode is similar to RAM disk, and with it you can get this kind of ANVIL score:

    • 100PIER has written a new post "Recommended SSD Tools" 02.16.2017

      Please have a look at System Performance -> SSD -> SSDs Performance Boost by data Caching Tools under Windows 10 subforum ?

    • 100PIER has written a new post "USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)" 02.15.2017

      Please, look at post #829 for the reported problems of ASMEDIA USB3 v1.16.43.1 driver by a forum member.
      I have re-installed this version again as do some tests.
      For sure for the same USB3 key plugged on a Intel USB 3.0 port, CDM Read bench does give 290 MB/s , and when plugged on ASMEDIA USB 3.1 port not more than 220 MB/s.



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