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    • @rfsapiens:
      Thanks for having tested the different AMD AHCI and RAID drivers, which are linked within the start post of this thread, and thanks for your report.
      Unfortunately you forgot some important details:

      1. Which is the exact AMD Southbridge/Chipset of the test system?
      2. Which are the HardwareIDs of the on-board AMD SATA Controller, when it runs
        a) in IDE mode
        b) in AHCI mode
        c) in RAID mode?
      3. Which medium (CD/USB) did you use, when you tried to get XP installed?
      4. When you integrated the tested drivers (the ones from the start post) into the XP image, did you always use a "clean" (untouched) XP SP3 image as source and started each time from scratch without loading any nLite presets or executing any other nLite tasks?
      5. Which were the AMD SATA Controller setting (IDE/AHCI/RAID), when you started the XP installation with the different XP images containing the mentioned different drivers?

      Generally it is not a good idea to switch the SATA mode from within an already installed Windows Operating System. When the user succeeds by forcing the installation of a "wrong" driver (not matching the SATA mode) and changing the SATA mode while rebooting, it is pure luck.
      Zitat von rfsapiens im Beitrag #23
      1. >Universal 32bit AMD AHCI driver v1.2.1.321 mod+signed by me<
      Result: amd_sata.sys not found in windows CD setup installer.
      This indicates a bad XP medium (read error).
      Zitat von rfsapiens im Beitrag #23
      In windows it installs normally but BSOD
      Please explain the details:
      1. To which SATA mode has the AMD SATA Controller been set within the BIOS before you tried to install the related driver from within a running Windows?
      2. Which Windows do you mean?
      3. How did you install the mod+signed driver?
      4. At what time id you get the BSOD?
      5. Which error message did you get?

    • Fernando has written a new post "Recommended AHCI/RAID and NVMe Drivers" Today

      Have you seen >this< new thread and >this< post, which I have addressed to you?
      Please stop posting into this thread. The new one matches much better your problem.

    • @AquaMan:
      I do not agree with you and I wonder why it would be a help for the Forum team, if we would follow your proposal. We would have wasted our time while writing our useless step-by-step guides.
      No, the intention of this Forum has never been to make it as easy as possible for the users. We are interested in Forum members, who want to learn something and enjoy it to accomplish some tasks themselves.
      By the way: There is no need to insert 3 NVMe modules to get full NVMe support. Look into the start post of this thread.

    • @rfsapiens:
      For AMD users like you I have written and published today the guide, which is within the start post of this new thread.
      Within the guide you will find links to some interesting AMD AHCI drivers, which have been modded by me to make them usable with XP and compatible with as many different AMD AHCI Controllers as possible.
      Please try them and report here about your experience with them.

      Good luck!

    • Fernando has written a new post "[Guide] How to flash a modded ASUS/ASRock/Gigabyte AMI UEFI BIOS" Yesterday

      Welcome t the Win-RID Forum!

      Yes, your ASRock Z77-Pro4 mainboard has an UEFI BIOS and can be modified according to >this< guide.
      After the removal of the BIOS header (the UBU tool does it automaticly) you can flash the modded BIOS without any problem from within the BIOS by using the ASRock tool named "Instant Flash".

      Good luck!
      Dieter (alias Fernando)

    • Update of the start post

      • new: 64bit Intel RSTe drivers v5.2.0.1194 WHQL for Win8-10 x64 dated 06/13/2017
      • new: 64bit Intel RSTe drivers v5.2.0.1194 WHQL for Win7 x64 dated 06/13/2017
      • new: Intel RSTe Drivers & Software Set v5.2.0.1212 for Win7-10 dated 06/21/2017

      1. The packages contain the Intel RSTe AHCI and sAHCI drivers v5.2.0.1194 dated 06/13/2017. They are WHQL certified by MS and only suitable for Intel C600/C600+/C220/C220+ Series Chipset AHCI/sAHCI systems like X79 and X99. All Windows Operating Systems from Win7 up to Win10 are supported.
      2. There are no 32bit Intel RSTe drivers v5.2.0.1194 available. 32bit Operating Systems are obviously not supported by these drivers and by this Drivers & Software Set.
      3. Thanks to Pacman resp. Station-Drivers for the source package.

      Good luck with these new drivers!
      Dieter (alias Fernando)

    • Fernando has written a new post "Recommended AHCI/RAID and NVMe Drivers" Yesterday

      Thanks for the link. I am not sure, whether it makes sense to create a dual-boot system, whose first OS is running in AHCI mode and the second in RAID mode.

    • Fernando has written a new post "Recommended AHCI/RAID and NVMe Drivers" 08.21.2017

      Zitat von EmmaRoyd im Beitrag #782
      Fernando, which driver version do you think(given your experience) rfsapiens needs and i need the Exact dev number please.
      At the moment I think, that the best way will be to install XP in IDE mode and to switch from the IDE to an AHCI driver from within a running XP. My idea is to modify the AMD AHCI driver v1.2.1.402 to make it usable with Windows XP.
      Unfortunately there is no AMD AHCI textmode driver (incl. TXTSETUP.OEM file) available for DEV_4391 AMD SATA AHCI Controllers.
      Zitat von EmmaRoyd im Beitrag #782
      I "may" have found something direct from AMD, i am looking at it(them) right now.
      Can you give me the link?

    • Fernando has written a new post "Unable to install rst management sw" 08.21.2017

      Until now I have no idea why you were not able to get any Intel RST(e) Drivers & Software Set properly installed.
      All I know is, that is was not a good idea to install RST(e) Sets, which belong to the v14 and v15 platform. The installer obviously installed just the (not maching) drivers, but was not able to install the related software. Later on the installer of other Sets had problems to "downgrade" the v14/v15 series drivers.

      EDIT: It is fine, that you were able to solve your problem yourself.

    • Fernando has written a new post "Recommended AHCI/RAID and NVMe Drivers" 08.21.2017

      Thanks for having delivered the requested informations.
      It will not be easy to offer an AMD AHCI driver, which can be used to get XP installed onto your mom's system running in AHCI mode.
      Give me 1 or 2 days to think about how to manage it.

    • Fernando has written a new post "Recommended AHCI/RAID and NVMe Drivers" 08.21.2017

      Thanks for the link with the photos of your Device Manager. By the way: It would have been much easier and the screenshots would be much better readable, if you take them according >this< and insert them according >this< guide.
      What I additionally need are the details about the in-use AHCI driver of the listed device named "AMD SATA Controller".
      Here is the way to get the Driver Details: Right-click onto the "AMD SATA Controller" and choose the options "Properties" > "Driver" > "Driver Details".

      You are right - the user cannot boot anymore into Win7 after having installed Windows XP, because the Win7 boot sector entries will be overwritten by the older XP Setup.
      Nevertheless it is not required to install Win7 again thereafter. The Win7 boot sector enties can be easily repaired by using the tool EasyBCD. The free non-commercial version can be downloaded from >here< (after having been registered).

    • Fernando has written a new post "Unable to install rst management sw" 08.21.2017

      Zitat von storm8 im Beitrag #5
      I tried to install the same one, latest v14, latest v15 and some other v11 and v12 versions, every single attempt failed.
      Are you sure, that the on-board Intel SATA Controller has been set to ôRAIDô mode within the BIOS?

    • Fernando has written a new post "Unable to install rst management sw" 08.21.2017

      Which Antivirus Software are you using? Have you already tried to turn off the "Real-Time Protection"?

    • Fernando has written a new post "Recommended AHCI/RAID and NVMe Drivers" 08.21.2017

      Zitat von EmmaRoyd im Beitrag #774
      I will put something together with OpenOffice and email it to you(let me know which format you prefer, Word or ODT) to approve/edit and to post, you know where you want it and how it should look. xx
      Thanks in advance. You can use MS Word or MS Notepad.

    • Fernando has written a new post "Unable to install rst management sw" 08.21.2017

      Which Intel RST RAID ROM module version is within your BIOS and which Intel RST RAID driver version are you currently using?
      Win10 doesn't like it, if you want to "downgrade" the in-box Intel RST RAID driver v13.2.0.1022.

    • Fernando has written a new post "I'm think my bios is infected by a rootkit, Help wanted !" 08.21.2017

      I doubt, that the BIOS of your tablet is infected.
      The BIOS file, which has been delivered by the system/mainboard manufacturer, is not identical with the BIOS Region, which is inside your system's BIOS chip.

    • Fernando has written a new post "EFI-module compression" 08.21.2017

      Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum and thanks for your contribution.
      Dieter (alias Fernando)

    • Fernando has written a new post "Unable to install rst management sw" 08.21.2017

      Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

      The Intel RST Software requires the MS software named .NET Framework 3.5, which is part of the OS, but will not be automaticly installed by default.
      So you have to enter the "Control Panel" > "Programs" > "Turn Windows features on or off" and to check the line ".NET Framwork 3.5" like shown here:
      [[File:MS .NET Framework 3.5.png|none|auto]]
      After having hit "OK", this feature will be installed (via Windows Update). After the next reboot you should be able to get the Intel RST Software installed.

      Good luck!
      Dieter (alias Fernando)

    • Fernando has written a new post "Recommended AHCI/RAID and NVMe Drivers" 08.21.2017

      It was not a good idea to integrate more than 1 textmode driver into the XP CD.
      The most important pre-condition for a proper XP installation in AHCI or RAID mode is to know the exact HardwareIDs of the related on-board SATA AHCI or RAID Controller.
      So please do the following:

      1. Boot into Win7 on your Mom's computer, run the Device Manager, expand the sections "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" resp. "Storage Controllers" and search for Controllers with the word "AHCI" or "RAID" in its name.
      2. Then do a righ-click onto the related Controller and choose the options "Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareIDs".
      3. Post them.

      Then I will tell you, which XP compatible AMD textmode driver is matching and should be integrated into the original XP SP3 image.

      Thanks for your efforts to help rfsapiens and for statement within >this< post.
      Since there seems to be a demand for a guide about how to get Windows XP installed onto an AMD Chipset system running in AHCI or RAID mode, it would be a good idea to write such guide and to offer it within >this< Sub-Forum. Would you be able to do it? That would be great.



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