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      Hrm, I missed the AMD Chipset/RAID update posted 8/10... I will pull and see if anything new or updated for AHCI/RAID or USB

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      No problem, I liked the output as well (im sure you saw it in my first post)

      EDIT: Figure Id edit this post instead of make a new one since no-one else posted after, attached is the after report since I have finished updating. Also, should I use the older 11.0 drivers as well? or 11.6 drivers do just fine? (annoying a 2016 laptop came with 11.0 not 11.5 or 11.6 and cant be updated... its an i7-6700HQ for updating sake! bah, i bet its a recycled board/chipset design from yesteryear...)

      EDIT2: whilist im being an UPDATE ALL THE THINGS whore, while I know there is no NEED because there is no vPro, I noticed that the MEBx version did NOT upgrade, anyway to upgrade it as well?

    • Net7 has written a new post "Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools" 01.06.2017

      fun stuff, forgot to hit the upload after browse but before submit! Cool, works for me!

      EDIT: copied unsaved MEInfo doc... fixed and reuploaded

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      Zitat von plutomaniac im Beitrag #2613

      @ Net7:

      It's not a matter of size, files with .txt extension cannot be opened when attached to this forum due to a bug. That's why I wanted them packed in something else. To see the exact error that MEManuf reports, just use "-verbose" parameter. Also, use ME 11.0 tools as that's the most probable root of the error.

      Gotcha, thats a rather annoying bug, but, no matter, they happen!

      Attached are the verbose outputs from MEInfo and MEManuf from the ME11.0 tools, they look clear to me and it looks like I am safe to TRY the update, if you get some spare moments to second glance, I would appreciate it.

      I come from the era of flash in DOS or die, whats your thoughts on flashing with the Win64 route?

    • Net7 has written a new post "Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools" 01.03.2017

      Yes, system is a MSI GE72-6QD laptop.

      I don't understand the issue with the attachments, 2 of the compressed documents are the SAME size compressed VS uncompressed, and you only save 2 and 7 kb on the other 2... don't know how screenshots are able to be posted if files with so few lines and so much smaller cant be used... BUT, Its forum software I am not familiar with, might be a limitation of the license!

      I have compressed all 4 files, a single zip.

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      Before I take the jump, i figured I would check in here, one because of an error shown* and two, MSI takes forever to RMA anything...

      Please find attached the outputs from the tools provided, I am holding off on flashing "Intel ME 11.0 Consumer PCH-H Firmware v11.0.18.1002" until I can get a sanity check. (im assuming this is the one I need to flash as it says for 11.0 series, dunno if its like some other firmware's and you CAN upgrade from 11.0 to 11.5/6)

      Thanks all!

      *"Warning 463: A test returned from FW does not match known test by the tool: App(34) Comp(0) Test(2)"

      EDIT: Added MEInfo with -verbose output file

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      AMD launched some new drivers! v6.1.5.25 (VS old v6.1.5.22)


      Where-as before the latest for my A88X board DEV_ 7805 (model "Bolton") supported RAID only, the driver listing at least upon installation, said RAID with AHCI supported!

      I did a quick test with CDI, it shows 1 disk of my 2 in the RAID, but at least it shows :D before it didn't show any drives!
      I will test further later with other NON RAID drives plugged in to see how far that claim can go!

    • Zitat von Fernando im Beitrag #1389
      The latest Intel RST driver version, which natively fully supports Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controllers (DEV_1E02), is v13.1.0.1058.
      I did try that one, but the driver list displayed it as Intel 8 series.
      Might as well give it a go at this point!

      EDIT by Fernando: Unneeded part of the fully quoted post and unneeded blank lines removed (to save space)

    • 7-Series / C216 / DEV_1E02

      Whats the latest drivers that should work for this? System included drivers are v9.3

      I tried ones from the modified section as well as here in the unmodified section. however it just causes the system to BSOD and i have to reinstall the OS (2k12R2)
      I made it from the latest modified, back to v12.9.4.1000 modified, sans the latest version which I note below, they all BSOD/require reinstall
      I noticed in the notes for the unmodified v13.2.8.1002 it said it was the last one for the intel 7 series, but when i try to install driver it comes up as intel 8 series, so im not sure if I should proceed with the install.
      As a small note to the above however, I did get it working with the modified v15.2.1.1028 drivers, but it doesn't show all disks.

      Any insight appreciated

    • Net7 has written a new post "USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)" 10.02.2016

      Having the "must be on the latest/greatest" personality as I do, I took the dive to update my Windows 10 to go test/benchmark platform!

      Good Note: ASMedia USB driver update went without an issue and I do see/feel a performance increase to my to go platform and my other attached backup/benchmark drive.
      Good Note2: Renesas USB driver update also went without an issue

      Bad Note: Intel USB driver update (modified since OG is Win7 only), required me to redo my drive :( It ended up with "inaccessible boot device".

      Stubborn news: I plugged it into a different system after redoing the install that has a Renesas USB 3 (as noted above) and Intel USB 3, once again, after the Intel driver update, back to "inaccessible boot device", yes tried plugging it into a USB 2.0 port even while doing it, same outcome

      @Fernando : I dont know if its just me, but different systems and a fresh install still proved fatal, might want to note up there "DO NOT USE WITH WINDOWS 10 TO GO", sure, only enterprises like the one I work for and others might be using it, but hey, maybe someone else is as ornery as me when it comes to these things and might want to avoid the pitfall :X

      EDIT: also, thanks as always Fernando for all the work collecting, updating, modding, consolidating, ect ect that you do, even if you aren't the source sometimes!



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