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    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "Recommended AHCI/RAID and NVMe Drivers" 08.12.2017

      Fernando, i am still using the unmodded AMD AHCI v6.1.3.35 driver from Gigabyte, but you mention the "interfering USB entries". What problems did those entries cause? I am using an MS wireless mouse, receiver in a USB2 port, i have changed the battery, but it the mouse sticks every so often.

      edit - I have a similar issue with my logitech wireless keyboard, it slows down when i type, yes i changed the batteries too.

    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)" 08.10.2017

      Ok, as you know, i have posted my system specs in the topic by @XPLives in that sub forum. I can edit that post, add the information about USB and Storage drivers to that rather than make a new topic in there. Ahh, you have added a link to my post, sweet. :)

    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)" 08.10.2017

      Oh, hmm, i would add to the notes "known working on XP SP3 32bit with Asus A88XM-A/USB 3.1 - DEV_1343 - ASM1143" or "not working/wont install or causes BSOD on XP SP3 32bit with Asus A88XM-A/USB 3.1 - DEV_1343 - ASM1143". Users need to know which one causes the BSOD so they dont install or slipstream it into an iso.

      I couldnt find the ASM1143 controller mentioned on the ASMedia site.

    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "Win-Raid most professional hacking site out there!" 08.10.2017

      If you use the word Hacking for its original meaning, Win-Raid is one of the best sites(each site having its own niche) but The Best for drivers. :)

    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)" 08.09.2017

      Fernando, Updated - re ASMedia USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers on Windows XP SP3 32bit, ASM1143 - DEV_1343

      ASMedia USB 3.0+3.1 Drivers & Software Set v1.16.41.3 WHQL - manual install works on xp pro 32bit.
      pure ASMedia USB 3.0+3.1 Drivers v1.16.48.1 WHQL incl DPInst - manual install works on xp pro 32bit.

      ASMedia USB 3.0+3.1 Drivers & Software Set v1.16.48.1 WHQL - manual install caused a BSOD.
      pure ASMedia USB 3.0+3.1 Drivers v1.16.41.3 WHQL - does not work, problem manually installing driver - not digitally signed.

      AMD USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers - "for AMD H-Series Chipsets: 32/64bit AMD USB 3.0 Controller Drivers v1.1.0.210 WHQL" - "maybe usable with WinXP" - Does not manually install on DEV_7814.

    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "Any one tested XP with Ryzen ?" 08.09.2017

      There are 2 topics here at win-raid by @XPLives on this subject and no one has posted that they have XP working on Ryzen yet.

    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "Recommended AHCI/RAID and NVMe Drivers" 08.08.2017

      Fernando. As i have built my new XP 32bit capable AMD apu pc, i thought i would add an update here.

      For those who dont know, socket FM2 - A85X A75 and A55 chipsets use the Promise controller. Socket FM2+ uses the Dot Hill controller. The XP Dot Hill rcxpahci driver v6.1.3.00035 is 32bit only, there is no 64bit version. There is also an XP Dot Hill 32bit raid only driver - rcraid have not got that on the 1st page). There are 2 additonal drivers in the xp\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\Bolton(Gigabyte drivers disc), AHCI-CFG and RAID-CFG. I dont know what those 2 are. Let me know if you want any of these. :)

      edit - Have PM'd the links. I have integrated the (original unmodded)32bit ahci driver with nlite and it works. Have not noticed any problems with usb, but as you have modded it for a reason, i will give that a try. :)

    • I now have XP Pro SP3 32bit running on an AMD A10 7890K/A88X system. I have ALL drivers(not modded) working, including ahci(Dot Hill) and display driver.

      System Specs,

      Windows XP Pro SP3 32bit - nlited, W7 Pro SP1(with KB3125574) 64bit- NTLited, W10 1607 64bit(removal testing only)- NTLited. Note XP and W7 were installed in isolation on seperate hdds, use bios to select boot drive.

      Corsair Obsidian 350d.
      Asus A88XM-A/USB 3.1 - BIOS 0309(unmodded).
      AMD A10-7890K Godavari APU.
      AMD Wraith cooler(as supplied with apu retail boxed).
      Corsair VS550 power supply.
      Crucial Ballistix Tactical 2133 8gb(2x4gb) kit - BLT4G3D21BCT1J.8FN
      Dynamode 4 port PCI USB2.0 card(nec chipset).
      Realtek onboard audio.
      APU integrated R7 graphics.

      The following drives all run in AHCI mode with AMD AHCI driver v6.1.3.35(unmodded), availible here at Win-Raid.

      2 x WD WD5000LPLX WD Black 7200rpm 2.5" Advanced Format HDDs. Windows XP does not format AF hdds correctly at 1st use. You must format AF drives with W7 at 1st use. You can format with XP subsequently.

      HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NSD0 dvd drive.
      TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-224GB dvd drive.

      Logitech K400 wireless keyboard.
      Microsoft wireless mouse, model unknown.
      Onboard Realtek LAN.

      No driver/AHCI driver/bios/software modifications to get the XP to run, motherboard has official XP support.

      Going back to XP has been a real joy with its simplicity and ease of servicing with nLite. Dont tell Nuhi i said that .

      I have gone back to XP for 1 specific technical reason. There is an mp3 audio rendering stuttering issue with w7 32bit and 64bit(and w10)that doesnt happen on XP if you are using REAPER DAW with LAME and LIBLAME codecs. So i am not crazy for using an old OS and slow(AMD Bulldozer based) hardware, they are the best tools for the job.

      A faulty part(as yet unidentified ) means my system spec will change, i may even got to totally different hardware so i will no longer be contributing to this subject. Sxxt happens eh

    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "ASUS A88XM-A BIOS MOD TO BOOT FROM PCI-E NVMe SSD" 08.03.2017

      Sorry to necropost but this is very close to what i was going to ask. I have an Asus A88XM-A/USB 3.1 on order. It looks like NVME booting is a no no, i have never modified a bios file and i cannot afford to brick a new board. Thats fine, i can use a sata ssd for os. All i need to know is if i put an nvme drive(on an adapter) in the pci express x16 slot, it will actually work as long as i have the drivers for it, w7 and w10? as my board is a later version of GeorgettaCZ's.

    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "[HOT] Win10 Update makes nForce RAID arrays unaccessable" 07.28.2017

      NTLite in full Licensed mode can remove (microsoft) cpu.inf.
      I would recommend caution with w10 though. You never know what changes ms makes between different builds.
      NTLite downloads are the same, it just depends if you add your license file and number whether you get Free and Licensed(full) mode.

      Remember, you are working with a preview build. The final public release may not have such issues.

      EDIT: Thought - You would have to remove the cpu.inf from the boot wim - microsoft windows setup aswell as the install wim.

      EDIT by Fernando: I have merged your recent posts (to save space)

      edit - No problem Fernando.

    • You have forgotten socket FM2+. Socket FM2+ parts prices are rediculously cheap here in the uk. Motherboards from 41gbp, a8 7600 apu 55(46 at 1 supplier)gbp, 4gb ram from 40gbp and a 120gb ssd from 55gbp.

      I have XP Pro SP3 32bit working with ALL drivers, including Display driver on the A10-7890K Godavari apu(and previously on the A8 7600 Kaveri apu) and A88X chipset motherboard .

      As Ryzen desktop apus are not due to next year, an FM2+ XP system that will comfortably last 2 years or more, will not break the bank and be very capable and fast(if on a fast ssd) is a good choice. Yes, i know Bristol Ridge retail apu's are due on thursday, but there are still bios issues and the lack of a suitable motherboard. I know FM2+ is stable and capable enough for my needs.

    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "AMD miniIDE Driver" 01.30.2015

      ok, sorry about that.


    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "AMD miniIDE Driver" 01.30.2015

      so i have heard Fernando, but i am anal about such things. you can find this driver by using various driver scanner/update tools, you never really know their true origin, its very rare to find it direct from amd, i never find it in amds driver packages, but seeing as it magically appeared in an official package direct from amd, i thought i would share.


    • EmmaRoyd has created the topic "AMD miniIDE Driver". 01.30.2015

    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "ASUS AM1I-A / Athlon 5350 Kabini / Samsung 850 / Win XP AHCI setup" 01.30.2015

      its possibly a bug in nlite1493(direct from nlite), sometimes, when processing nlite will delete the setup.exe and autorun inf from the xpcd folder(always from an untouched iso), 'c:xpcd' i created so it creates a cd or iso that will not boot. luckily i use cd rewritable discs. when i use nlite now, when i get to the burn/create iso stage, i pause, check the xpcd folder to see if those 2 files are still there and manually copy from a mounted xp iso to xpcd folder if needed then create iso or direct burn
      still, nlite is free and you cannot really complain about something free. now i know this problem is there, it is no hassle to check for those files and replace them if i have to.


    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "ASUS AM1I-A / Athlon 5350 Kabini / Samsung 850 / Win XP AHCI setup" 01.30.2015

      xp's setup exe and autorun inf, not the make disk,,


    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "ASUS AM1I-A / Athlon 5350 Kabini / Samsung 850 / Win XP AHCI setup" 01.30.2015

      the setup exe and autorun files for windows itself, not the driver fernando. i always check at the nlite burn window stage before i burn or create iso.
      its caught me out a few times

      to be honest fernando, i dont know if i have it or not. i am going to go digging into amds driver packages and nosey online to see what i find then use the brute force method(ive done it before) and smack every ahci driver i can into xp x64 with nlite and see what happens.
      if not, back to amd ide drivers for x64

    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "ASUS AM1I-A / Athlon 5350 Kabini / Samsung 850 / Win XP AHCI setup" 01.30.2015


      here is the rcxpahci ahci and raid drivers for AMD-RAID 6.1 software 6.1.3-00035(from gigabyte AMD FM2+/FM2 series utilities drivers disk) -->

      ive checked the BootDrv folder on the gigabyte disc, the only other xp driver is for the A85 and the driver for that is Microsoft Windows miniport driver 3.3.1540.33 ahci86.


    • EmmaRoyd has written a new post "ASUS AM1I-A / Athlon 5350 Kabini / Samsung 850 / Win XP AHCI setup" 01.30.2015

      ps, i sllipstreamed the rcxpahci V6.1.3.35 with nLite1.4.9.3 along with another ahci driver and windows installed the rcxpahci by default. be careful though, sometimes nlite removes the setup.exe and autorun files, so manually copy them to the xpcd working folder before you create image or direct burn.

      for some reason, amd raid expert(direct from amd) doesnt appear to work on my a88x bolton fch. aha, found this online,,,

      Dot Hill has announced that its AssuredVRA virtual RAID adapter software, branded RAIDCore, will be a part of AMD’s A-Series APU chipset.


      ive checked XP-13-4_xp32-64_raid.exe and XP-13-4_xp32-64_sb.exe and its not in either of them, looks like its only from your motherboard maker. if you cant find it on your model, check other boards in that series.

      will test rcxpahci on xp 64bit pro over the weekend




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