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    • Radical Vision has written a new post "[OFFER] Gigabyte GA-AX370-Aorus Gaming 5 BIOS mod" 09.13.2017


      So if someone asks you you will say ASS-rock is the greatest AMD partner for boards, is this a joke ? Seems ROG Crosshair VI is inferior if someone asks you ?
      Do you know what i did learn after many years, that Gigabyte did start using superior build quality and quality of components since slot 1 boards on the old PII/PIII platform, the dual bios as well. I know other things about the quality of ASS-Rock that sucks and is total crap. What about my story bying asrock 990FX Extreme 4 in the launch of FX Vishera 8350, and this board was total i repeat total disaster, it not even boot, did got some memory contact issue, later i did fix this after many head bangs on the wall. After this i did get really unstable system on windows, broken performance, changing the memory kit did not fix this, i even did ask for brand new Extreme 4 board, because i thought the first board was buggy or some. Well the same crap, the board was unstable, no matter what i do, i did change the CPU with other, the memory kit, even the board was brand new, not the first brand new not working asrock, nothing did fix the problems. The fix was called Gigabyte, i did get from friend a Gigabyte UD3 990FX board to test my components, guess what no instability problems, no crashing, no nothing all was working. Then i decided to buy ASUS just like that, and all was working like a charm....
      So this was story about the trash "quality" of ASS-rock boards, now they are in my blacklist because they are so quality and well made....

      About the quality i have seen the ASS-rock quality and was not impressive, just something like cheap brand will do normal boxes, normal components, packaging nothing really interesting or better...
      While the Aorus feels premium even the box feels premium, or you will lie about this ? I see you call the X-Fi sound software trash as well, so i did test it, i did test the onboard audio of the realtek, i did have also Creative X-Fi Titanium HD, and i did have before on AM3+ Xonar Essence ST, so you can`t tell me that this software sucks, simply because i have enough experience to say that for on board audio it sound really nice, after all is free and no one pays for it gigabyte include this....

      About Aorus overclocking, the components there and the bios make the job done, in the overclockers forum some guys did test both Aorus K7 and ROG CHVI and they both was on par on CPU and memory overclocking, even some guys did reach 4000MHz memory on Aorus K7...
      The bios is a bit crap on the Gigabyte whole AM4 series, but asrock is not better i did saw the problems there, you can`t even adjust the CPU clock die to bugs and problems.
      And yes the retarded BIOS update last days from gigabyte the overvolt the processors was absolutely broken, sucks, retarded and is total unacceptable, no comment about that this should never happened....

      About the rest Gigabyte did have superior quality on their motherboards and video cards even before 1999, asrock was not even founded back then, and i collect old hardware, asrock is same quality as ECS back then, and today is a bit better, but not so much. Back in the days on AMD K7 Athlon XP ABIT was the very best on quality followed by Gigabyte, even ASUS was total crap back then, and asrock was not even considered as something.....

      I also know one friend that uses his Gigabyte board on his Phenom II machine since the release of that processors, and it still works great. Other guy that worked for not one computer store, he did tell me Gigabyte have lower RMA count then asus, not to speak about asrock. Other guy i know working at some pc service, did tell me the as well the pile of Gigabyte boards is way smaller then the one of the other brands....
      And i say all of that because i did research about the brands years back then, just to know what is better and more reliable, and not to say how great Gigabyte is, all my facts here are from my personal experience and what i saw when i did go to not one place where was big computer shop to see the service and what they do there, and what brand is trash, what is better and something...

      And i did buy Aorus AM4 board simply following all the facts above + all the features Gigabyte offers, the price that it comes, the quality of the board, and the bios sucks but they will fix it at some point, it was easy for me to buy ASUS ROG Crosshair VI, but why is not that much better, and lacks lot of features that the Aorus have....

      About all other and i see your signature you buy/use only ASS-rock boards, so you look simply like fanboy of this brand, while i did have use ASUS, EpoX, Soltek, ABIT, Gigabyte, ASrock, Tyan, Chainteck, MSI, DFI, and others can`t remember.....
      And by far the ASrock was trash and low quality components, ABIT is one of the great both quality and stability, Gigabyte have great quality as well, but buggy bioses, asus depend some are great other sucks bad, Epox is great but low quality components, DFI and LanParty is a legends.......

      EDIT by Fernando: Unneeded fully quoted post replaced by directly addressing to the author (to save space)

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