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    • denaba has written a new post "Performance of the Intel RST/RSTe AHCI/RAID Drivers" 06.18.2017

      Thanks for all you guys do here. Great info. I had a question Fernando about the testing you listed here with the drivers. I was wondering there is no mention of which firmware you were using with these drivers you tested. Should we assume that with each branch version driver you used the same branch firmware listed in the "best" thread? Example firmware with driver

      Also, you mentioned doing clean installs then doing these tests. Have you done this with the Samsung m.2 and if yes then did the unsafe shutdowns revert back to "0" or was the amount of shutdowns the same as before right after you installed the O/S?

    • Something else I just found out on driver 2.1. I was having a lot of popping in my speakers so started some troubleshooting. Long story short I got to check DPC latency and low and behold I had higher than 2000 readings. I used both DPC Latency Checker and Latency Mon. Disabled items and no change, but got to changing the drivers to the nvme and then I had way better latency readings. Used the Microsoft driver and also the 2.0 driver and now my latencies are hovering at 1000 and no pops. I installed 2.1 again and after rebooting my readings once again shot up over 2000 so 2.1 seems to be really buggy, I'd stay clear of 2.1

      Update: Adding before and after pictures|addpics|efk-4-6e22.jpg,efk-5-61a0.jpg|/addpics|

    • denaba has written a new post "USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)" 02.18.2017

      Wanted to see if anyone else is seeing this. I downloaded the "pure" from here, also from station and from Microsoft. Each of them on Win10 show just fine. But all 3 added in to a Win8.1 system I get that the drivers are not signed. This is on a Z97 board. I checked the file itself and it looks fine for the sigs so not sure what is going on. Anyone else?

    • denaba has written a new post "USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)" 02.15.2017

      Nothing at my end. Keyboard and mouse work fine. But we;ll keep an eye out though.

    • denaba has written a new post "USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)" 02.15.2017

      OK, I have read that Asmedia seemed to always trail Intel in performances. I just installed on a Windows 8.1 and 10 machines (both are 64-bit) and I did not have those issues mentioned in 829. Ill have to try the keyboard and mouse in one of the ports and see what happens. I will let you know shortly

    • denaba has written a new post "USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)" 02.15.2017

      Thanks Fernando. I am interested in what 100PIER said earlier in thread at #846 about the forums stating that there is a problem with
      "Nota: don't use v1.16.43.1 version at the moment due to some problems reported on the forum."
      I am wondering on what problems. Are they related to stability issues in both versions? Or is it just slower performance? Just wanting to know those details

      Addendum - Just saw your post, I will read 829

    • denaba has written a new post "USB 3.0/3.1 Drivers (original and modded)" 02.15.2017


      I am interested on what is being said about version as I cannot find the forum you are talking about. What is going on with Only on Windows 10 or 8.1 or both?

    • Hey 100PIER, I was wondering. Was there not a Samsung NVMe driver which was one version down from the I think it was Wondering if that one is still around and if it too is buggy or maybe with the .16 does not exhibit the unsafe shutdowns.

      I can add to confirm that since removing the I have not seen an increase in unsafe shutdowns.

    • I was looking at my HD Sentinel report again and something strange. That error date 6-28-2016, I woke up today and started the computer and it has never shut off. I have been working on the system this whole time (3 hours before I saw this post). I know for sure no shutdown occurred

      I checked another system with the same 950, it too shows 7, but there is no spike like mine today. Just a straight line and that one did not record a spike today when I turned that on. (Checked again after 2 hours and still at 7)

      I also checked both systems in the Windows reliability and no entries. I am pegged on 10 in the graph so I am not having your issue 100PIER nor Fernando's with the pause at boot up. Maybe if the reading gets worst it will for my systems. Only time will tell.

      @100PIER - I think I am going to do what you are doing; uninstalling Samsung's Magician and just go with what HD Sentinel will report going forward. I'll try to update later on with my numbers too

    • Hello guys, thought I would share what I see as well. Here too, Samsung 950 Pro 512GB. I am using HD Sentinel and mine shows something similar. I work from home so I know if my system would have had one. On 6-8-2016 starts the climb to where it is today. I checked my logs and I cannot find any activity of driver updates or Microsoft updates in or around 6-8. I wish I can go back in time to see when the first 8 appeared. I do know I installed the Samsung NVMe driver on 3-9-2016 per my records and I built this system on 12-5-2015 using the older driver version till March. Looking at HD Sentinel then that means I had 8 unsafe shutdowns even with the older driver.

      Using Asus Maximus VIII Hero

      Anyways just sharing what I am seeing thanks to both of you bringing this up.

    • So got the card in today and installed. Went like a breeze as you mentioned. I did notice a small quirk: I don't see any hard drive activity via the computer case light. No lights when I launch programs or when I send a trim command. I use HD Sentinel to let me know if trim is active and also ran the command and both said that trim is on. Just noticed

      Other than that for 30 something dollars I do get a few seconds of speed increase. Programs do launch about 1-3 seconds faster and they are much snappier. Boot time is like you said, a bit longer by maybe about 5-7 seconds. I need to try system images to see if it can saturate the bandwisth of the Gig lan some more. On the SATA 2 port I was watching my imaging software and I was transferring around 200-40Mb/s so I will do one in the coming days to see if I can get that higher like my other systems which are around 600-800Mb/s per the software.

      Again, thanks Mugen for your help and input.

    • Thanks for the info, will order one. I have a newer system, but hard to let go my old X58 with 920 DO. Still runs hard and game on it occasionally. It's got Windows 7 64-bit on it and will maybe stick to that.

      Noticed it has a Marvell controller, I got some spare SSD's by Crucial laying around, maybe I will run those through it as well. Anything special in the BIOS to set?

      Again, thanks for the info

    • Just saw this and guess what, I'm bored. So I have a spare system with an Asus P6T Deluxe v2 and was wondering what PCIE 2.0 x2 Sata III controller you got for your system MUGEN? How has it been running for you? Or Fernando do you know of one for this mobo that would be good?

      I have a couple SSD's: a Samsung 840 and an 850 laying around. I think I need a new project and this sounds like right up my alley.

      One thing is that in the 1st PCIe 2.0 slot I have a video card installed, would putting the controller benefit in the 2nd slot below or how about the PCIe x4 at the top? I would just connect the SSD to the controller and then the spinny can stay on the Intel ports on the board.

    • denaba has written a new post "[Discussion] UBU Tool related Questions, Reports and Suggestions" 05.20.2016

      OK. Yes this BIOS for this board is Aptio V. Wow, the reading on the MEI and advice taken in. Usually I do not do mass changes to BIOS as I have learned a lot here and from Fernando over the years. Usually just one thing at a time and glad I take things slow. Will leave MEI alone

      Followed your instructions using the same bios in the first picture. Now using UBU it says this

      So is it safe to say that if one is updating just the IRST that it is a two step process? Meaning use UBU to update the EFI portion and then the method you mentioned to update the orom part? In some cases is what I mean.



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