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    • @Fernando (Dieter)
      I think honestly everything could be deleted from post #718 and on.
      It seems more like a private conversation about USB/multimedia/video capture/motherboard hardware.
      I don't really want the public internet knowing all about my laserdisc player and equipment and what I'm doing.
      I can continue with XPLives in private messages back and forth.
      I do not see any option where I can delete my own posts.
      Would you mind deleting the rest of the messages after #718?

    • @XPLives:
      That Sabretooth is going for $375 new on Amazon.
      1) Yes, thats the VC500 from Diamond. Diamond and ATI share similar chips. Yes, I highly recommend them. Video/audio and software is my forte; but not PC hardware (as you can see).
      2) Spend some time here: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/video-capture/ They love the ATI All-in-wonder cards, but I'm not willing to get an old used motherboard and old parts just for that.
      3) The composite/RCA are what you want. the S-video signal from most players (possibly barring my Pioneed HLD-X9) has an inferior 3D comb filter (separating the chroma) that you're much better off relying on the software programs to do that inside your PC. Protip: do NOT de-interlace, as its part of the original source signal; when you do, you're losing 50% of the picture. It doesn't work like progressive DVDs do. Let the TV do the de-interlacing or showing it at all full 60i.
      4) what laserdiscs am I ripping? We can take that convo offline. Are you looking to purchase any titles in particular?
      5) Pioneer HLD-X9. It flips. I imported it from Japan.
      [[File:Pioneer HLD-X9 Pic1.png|none|auto]][[File:Pioneer HLD-X9 Pic2.png|none|auto]]
      The best laserdisc player ever is supposed to be the Pioneer HLD-X0, it was only ever made in Japan only, and I've never seen it sold on Ebay, and when it does, its way out of my price range ($2-3,000 and up): **HLD-XO -CLICK HERE**

      EDIT by Fernando: To save space, I have replaced the fully quoted post by a direct addressing to its author and the extremely big sized pictures by directly attached ones (the pictures can be enlarged by clicking onto them).

    • Zitat von XPLives im Beitrag #740
      That's interesting. The ATI looked more ancient that the Hauppauge model.
      If you can get the output in Component or HDMI out then this might be sharper of a capture.

      1) I'm capturing from laserdisc and VHS. Composite and S-Video *only*, and I won't be up-sampling. I'm capturing uncompressed. The laserdisc player I have is from Japan only, and regarded as the finest picture available, ever. It's the last of its kind. It hasn't been made since the early 1990s. The video processor is rated far better than the 10 models that came after it. Newer isn't necessarily better. The later models were made much cheaper, w/ inferior parts, especially when DVD started becoming popular.

      2) It's not about how "ancient" something looks/feels, its about hours of rigorous testing that analogue capture professionals have done (one guy has captured over 400 vhs tapes), over 15-20 years of experience.
      Hands down they all recommend the VC500 (which is not the ATI), or the ATI's.

      3) Thanks for the recommendation on the Fatality X79, I've not found a seller yet on newegg, ebay, or amazon.

      *FYI from what I've read the files "USB.SYS" and "USBD.SYS" are normally installed during setup to the c:\windows\system32 folders, but fail on Skylake, so you have to place them there manually yourself.

    • Please read posts
      #353-355 here:

      [Guide] Integration of Intels AHCI/RAID drivers into a Windows XP/W2k3/W2k CD (24)

      Thanks for the Hauppage and Win-TV recommendations, I've tried both of those and they're not good enough for my needs.
      With the Hauppage I still have the exact same USB issue.
      I do have a PCIe version of the ATI that I already have a USB stick of. But I already have both my PCI-e slots used for the Nvidia graphic, and sblaster card, I don't have any slots left.
      And if I'm getting a PCI-USB expansion card, then now I'm in a real pickle.

    • Check posts #631-632.
      The guy purchase a PCI USB 2.0 card, and installed drivers before/after Win installation, and said he still can't use his USB mouse :(
      [Guide] Integration of Intels AHCI/RAID drivers into a Windows XP/W2k3/W2k CD (43)

    • Zitat von XPLives im Beitrag #734

      Just another thought hit me was without the PS/2 Keyboard I don't think you can select the Partition to install XP?
      Can you get past this point fine? If so then if you buy the USB card and slipstream the driver with nLite I think you will have access to the USB mouse and USB keyboard and be able to finish the setup process.

      What's the video capture hardware you are using?

      What's the video capture software you are trying to run?

      I might have some other solutions for you whether or not you get XP running.

      I guess you've missed some of my posts. That's fine, I'll answer again.
      I was able to select the partition to install XP just fine. The keyboard worked throughout all that: I was able to press F7, F8, accept the license, delete partitions, format, everything.
      It was only after the first reboot that I lost keyboard/mouse functionality. This makes me scratch my head about "zero support for USB".

      Please click here to see the pics of my progress. The third picture is where the installation process loses connectivity to my USB keyboard:

      The video capture stick I'm using is USB, btw. VC500 by Diamond Multimedia.
      I also have an ATI TV Wonder USB600.
      The VC500 yields better video, crisper, sharper.
      They both work in Win10 x64 but there's clipping of ultrablack levels which is absolutely unacceptable.
      From another forum (video), the seasoned veterans have all said that if I want to adjust the video processor levels, I'll need XP 32bit only.

    • Thanks for all your help!
      I want to be sure I'm clear:
      there is *NO* combination of driver/motherboard/chipset that will let me use the USB ports for devices such as my capture stick on *ANY* tower in XP, on Skylake?
      I will have to get the 3rd party PCI card that has USB ports and supports XP?

    • "n my motherboard the USB mouse worked without any additional tinkering or drivers. Although the USB ports themselves could not be used for anything else like flash drives, USB hard drives, et cetera." are you saying after the install the USB ports won't work for flash drives, external drives, mg USB capture card?

    • I'm sorry, I'm tired/not understanding some of your information.
      A) you had no problems using the USB mouse on that MOBO during installation
      B) I have to use a PS/2 keyboard to install first?
      both aren't true at the same time, right?

      What kind of MOBO do you have? Is it an ASUS? Or ASRock?

      USB card chipset? Do you mean a PCI-E card that has 4 USB ports on it, and it should have XP drivers? And be "Skylake" compatible? That I can integrate into the XP install?
      I'm weary of all this hacking/modding/fiddling because if I'm not using the drives and drivers to their full speed capacity, then I'm going to have trouble capturing live video, and don't want to drop frames.

    • This yields some interesting results:

    • Didn't you write a lengthy how-to for how to get USB working? Or was that someone else/doesn't apply here?
      If not, please provide a link/specs to your MOBO. I'll have to weigh building out an entire new system just for this video capture.
      I'm pretty bummed out :(
      Aside from that, I *really, really* appreciate all your help and assistance.
      Its amazing how much more well I understand all this in only 24 hours!

    • Zitat von XPLives im Beitrag #718
      I don't see any photos attached.
      Don't use a USB Keyboard. It won't work due to Skylake messing with the Intel USB ports.
      You must use a genuine PS/2 keyboard. A USB to PS/2 Keyboard adapter might also work but I can't guarantee 100% that this will work.
      Most computers still have a single PS/2 port which you should use a PS/2 Keyboard if you are stuck in the install portion. It should be a purple color on the back of the I/O back plate. Some motherboards have both a PS/2 Keyboard (PURPLE) and PS/2 Mouse port (GREEN). But those are rare these days.

      There's absolutely no PS/2 port on this machine, anywhere. Didn't you write a quite lengthy how-to for how to 100% get USB working in XP on these modern MOBOs? If so, I need to print it out and follow every step.
      I can order a USB>PS/2 adapter but that won't be here for a few days.
      The video capture stick I'm using is USB, btw. VC500 by Diamond Multimedia. I also have an ATI TV Wonder USB600. The VC500 yields better video, crisper, sharper.
      They both work in Win10 x64 but there's clipping of ultrablack levels which is absolutely unacceptable.
      From another forum (video), the seasoned veterans have all said that if I want to adjust the video processor levels, I'll need XP 32bit only.
      This project is getting out of hand and worse by the day.
      I have 24 gigs of ram and there are several drives I added, mostly SSD. I have 4-5 drives I can use. I know how to partition and all that, I have an IT background, but hardware has not been my strong point.
      I spent a lot of money on a modern system w/ nice gear and it looks like I've wasted my money, at least for the purpose I want. Of course I get killer results editing in Adobe Premiere, games, browsing, anything else. It's just the main analogue capture is the problem.

    • For some reason I cannot attach pics to the last comment.
      So here they are.
      The failure happens after the reboot and I cannot use the USB mouse or keyboard anymore at that point.
      It's not frozen because the cursor is still blinking on the License Agreement page.

    • Zitat von XPLives im Beitrag #716
      What is the name of the software are you using for video capturing?
      What's your video capture device?

      One step at a time. Thank you for so much help!
      I got *very* far in the install last night, but it stopped.
      Attached are 3 pictures.
      USB mouse and keyboard worked great all during the setup process until after the first reboot.
      After the first reboot they stopped working.
      I tried the install again trying all different USB 2.0 ports... it didn't matter.
      I tried using a different USB Mouse and keyboard.. it didn't matter.

      So the USB devices freeze/stop working after the first reboot at the stage where it wants me to click "accept", as seen on the screen.

    • Zitat von XPLives im Beitrag #714

      What software are you needing XP for in your case?

      Video capture software that only supports configuring the processor amp (video settings) in 32-bit XP. It's quite depressing as I have Win10 x64.
      If I capture using the Win10 drivers, it clips ultrablacks in the video (makes for a greyer image overall, no deep blacks).
      So now I'm having to install a dual boot on another drive and install XP just to capture old analogue videos :(

    • Thank you! :)
      How do I know which SATA ports are the "Intel SATA ports"?
      And once XP installs (hopefully), can I move the drive(s) around to other ports? Or that config must stay AS IS?
      And I'm guessing SSDs are out the loop completely? SATA only?

    • Zitat von XPLives im Beitrag #709

      Double check these two devices are connected to the Intel SATA ports ONLY before proceeding. If it's on the wrong SATA controller other than Intel it will not work and you can try all you want.

      How do I know which SATA ports are the "Intel SATA ports"? And once XP installs (hopefully), can I move them around to other ports? Or that config must stay AS IS?
      Thanks again, if this works, I owe you a beer!

    • Please see this post for my hardware:
      [Guide] Integration of Intels AHCI/RAID drivers into a Windows XP/W2k3/W2k CD (47)
      Post #694
      *specifically the 'drivers' pic I attached*

      Also, my DVD drive is USB. Do I need to install from a SATA DVD-drive? I will have to completely yank all drives and install an older power supply that has the proper power cable for the SATA based DVR-Rom. :(

      [quote=XPLives| The part where you know you have succeeded is when it asks you what drive and partition to install XP. After you select the partition and hit ENTER it will begin installing. [/quote]
      I've never ever reached this point. It installs drivers, then says "Windows setup is starting" and it waits a few secs, then BSOD.

      P.S. As per Fernando's original response to my troubleshooting, the existence of the "WINNT.SIF" was because of N-Lite modifying and creating a new ISO for me.
      Irrelevant to that, however, is that since then I've acquired an original, untouched, virgin XP SP3 OEM disc, and still get the BSODs.

    • Zitat von XPLives im Beitrag #704
      You have to tap F7 constantly during the XP setup disc loading till it gets to the licensing agreement screen which you hit F8 to bypass after you read it or scroll down.

      I'm tapping F7 repeateldy once I see the "press any key to boot from CD" until I see the license agreement screen come on? And then press F8? What happens after I press F8? It loads drivers and then begins Windows setup?
      And every time I reboot I have to press F7 when it starts to read from the CD?
      Thanks for the help! :)

    • Zitat von XPLives im Beitrag #699
      Once it starts loading the optical disc and begins loading the XP setup start tapping the F7 key non stop until you see the XP install screen license agreement which you will have to hit F8 to bypass.

      I don't understand *when* I'm pressing F7.... I'm so used to doing that at the "F6 Driver request" notice, that that's when it tries to bypass ACPI.
      I press F7 *after* it says "press any key to boot from CD* but before it starts loading drivers from the CD?
      And then after I'm done tapping F7 repeatedly, when it takes me to the license install screen, I press F8?



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